Monthly Archives: May 2003

Moving time

It’s bittersweet to move to the burbs. But I will look forward to 10 minute drives to work and cheap rent!


I am currently in the middle of creating a new design for our company Web site and I keep struggling and getting stuck. I am stuck in that tragic loop of complexity. Less is more. Simpler is better. I’ve got to shed the excesses. And I’ve got to do it soon.

Wait until the credits are over

If you don’t want to know about the Matrix stop reading.

Everyone has their theories about the “real world.” All I have to say is that Neo better not develop some super power crap — it better make darn good sense in the next one. Oh yeah, the club Zion crap, cut it out for the DVD.

No Matrix for You!

I woke up with migraine headaches this morning, so I went to Old Orchard to return the tickets. I thought about seeing the movie, but I realized that I would have to sit up close to the screen and that would probably not help with the headaches. Bummer. Maybe this weekend… or perhaps when it comes out on IMAX in a couple of weeks.

Reload This!

So if the Matrix Reloaded is coming out on Thursday, how can theaters be showing it Wednesday at 10pm? Nonetheless, I will be at Old Orchard for the 10pm showing.


I have discovered a strange phenomenon today. On my way to pick up Emily from the airport for her 4:45 am arrival, I discovered that the sky can turn from dark to light in a process called “dawn”. I have always wondered how the sun got up so high in the sky every morning.

Here’s also a bit of irony. Apparently, there is a bug in the network security system at work. Now, I’m locked out and there is no on in the building. Ah, productivity hard at work.

C. Webb and His Incredible Shriking Playing Time

My beloved Kings are now down 2-1 against the Mavs. In a dramatic double overtime loss at home. The revenge will be so much sweeter. As far as I am concerned, this series is the NBA Finals, unless Sacramento sees the Lakers again. And about Chris Webber, do you remember the character Samuel L. Jackson played in Unbreakable? Well, I think C. Webb has the same disease.

Chicago Is Getting Too Small

Eventually, I’m going to move to another city. But when? When do I know is the right time?

Done Right

I got a brief demo of the new iTunes Music Store yesterday and I think someone finally got it right. Kudos to Apple — again.

Too Good to be True

Well, I was happy about winning the Sony VAIO auction, but it turns out that the seller couldn’t get the supply. But good for them, they are refunding my money plus an inconvenience fee. I appreciate the honesty, especially after all this news about auction scams. Let’s see what the final refund check says.


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