Moving time

It’s bittersweet to move to the burbs. But I will look forward to 10 minute drives to work and cheap rent!


I am currently in the middle of creating a new design for our company Web site and I keep struggling and getting stuck. I am stuck in that tragic loop of complexity. Less is more. Simpler is better. I’ve got to shed the excesses. And I’ve got to do it soon.

No Matrix for You!

I woke up with migraine headaches this morning, so I went to Old Orchard to return the tickets. I thought about seeing the movie, but I realized that I would have to sit up close to the screen and that would probably not help with the headaches. Bummer. Maybe this weekend… or perhaps when it … Continue reading No Matrix for You!

Reload This!

So if the Matrix Reloaded is coming out on Thursday, how can theaters be showing it Wednesday at 10pm? Nonetheless, I will be at Old Orchard for the 10pm showing.


I have discovered a strange phenomenon today. On my way to pick up Emily from the airport for her 4:45 am arrival, I discovered that the sky can turn from dark to light in a process called “dawn”. I have always wondered how the sun got up so high in the sky every morning. Here’s … Continue reading Eureka!