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Binge: an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence

I’ve caught the reading bug again. The last time I hungered so much for books was in grade school. In between the days of playing in the school yard and holding my mother’s hand on afternoon outings, I used to read — a lot. I don’t know what happened that made me lose my love of reading. Perhaps it was the endless requirements of school or the sheer volume of college consumption, but I stopped reading, almost all together. The last memorable novel I read was Watership Down by Richard Adams. That was 1991 – the last Gulf War, ironically. Now, I’ve been scouring Amazon for a book I will pick up at the library.

Mmm Smooth

Got my new Braun 7505 shaver today. Factory refurbished, but in new condition with a new shaving head. (It would be weird if they sent me someone’s old one.) My old electric razor was plucking the hairs out of my face and I could have done a better job with my kitchen knife. Curiously, this was the first time I used the Amazon Gold Box system (saved $15). I wonder how it’s working out for them?

What a day, what a weekend

If this wasn’t the perfect weather, I don’t know what is. A little football tossing, a little driving range and reading on the grass in Grant Park. I am itching for a motorcycle.

Vegan. That means no meat, no dairy. No, not even fish or chicken.

Emily and I went to our first vegan restaurant together. I really appreciate the fact that even though she can’t eat meat or dairy, she never complains about going to a meat-place with me. The verdict on the vegan restaurant? Other than the fact all their faux-meat tasted like bologna, it was very good. Here’s an excerpt from the diner:

Emily: “What would you recommend? The Sloppy Joe or BBQ Chicken?”

Waiter: “Well, they taste pretty much the same. Except the BBQ Chicken has the ‘meat’ folded over three times and the Sloppy Joe is just stuff.”

In my culinary world, BBQ Chicken and Sloppy Joe should never be interchangeable. Nonetheless, Emily was happy.

What did I say?

I am moving to Palatine. Yes, I am going to be a suburbanite on May 30. I’m going to shoot myself if I get fired and have to take a job downtown. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to help me move — I’ve got movers this time. Please pray for my loss of culture and idealism. But sooner or later, we all have to live within our means.

But on the positive side, I will be paying far less rent, don’t have to put up with city of Chicago extortion (city sticker), have a bedroom that is not a part of my kitchen-dining-living room and I will get a small, but not tiny, dog. Watch out Dori

Happy Easter

To everyone!

I've seen Elvis in Baghdad

I thought I’d never say this, but I want this doll.

Luxury Foods

I just got a bottle of truffle oil. I went to a restaurant called Mas on Sunday and had their pork tenderloin with spinach and white beans in some sauce that had truffle oil. The truffle smell was absolutely amazing, so I got a bottle of it. I’m not sure what I can do with it, except duplicate their recipe. Perhaps I can put some in a can of pork and beans?

Best Interstitial


Hundreds of trained monkeys are currently running about finding your search results. Please stand by.

– Found at

(An interstitial on the Web is a page that tells you that something is going to take a little time.)

Last post from work today. Really.

This is a comment thread posted at my favorite blog:

‘is this for real?’

‘no dude, it’s fake.’

‘so how does it work out?’

‘swiftly, and with a treadmill.’

Funny people. Very funny.


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