Monthly Archives: March 2003

Go Texas!

Win it all, win it all…

Thank you God…

Illinois will ticket those morons who drive 55 in the fast lane. The questions is, can I use my Webcam to report slow drivers?

Watch your back, Rob

‘Cause my webcam is coming back tomorrow. So Rob, you will be able to see your backside very well.

Dear Leader,

While all of you watch War smut on CNN, I have something for you. This man is deeply in need of attention right now — he also happens to write the funniest blog ever.


Then you might not want to watch this hilarious video (2.3MB).

Sham-less Self Promotion — yes, it is completely sham-less.

Here’s the information on my Gateway Solo 9300 that I am selling. I’ll be posting it on ebay soon, but if you want it, I can give you a better deal since I won’t have to pay the ebay and PayPal fees.

Gateway Solo 9300 Laptop in excellent condition

PIII 500 mhz, 288mb RAM, 11GB HD

15″ LCD (1024×768) no dead pixels.

Internal DVD-ROM, floppy drive, 2 extra batteries that hold good charge

Pointer stick version. 56kbps modem. 1 printer port, 1 serial, 1 monitor out, 1 video out, 1 digital optical audio out, 1 IR, 1 KB/Mouse, 2 USB, stereo speakers, mic/line in/out, 2 PC card slots and

I have the original CDs, manuals and software that came with the laptop in March 2000.

I’ll also toss in a copy of Photoshop LE 5. It’s got XP Pro on it and runs just perfect.

There is a minor flaw: one of the flip-down legs on the bottom of the case is missing. Other than that, there is nothing broken.

Asking price is $500. Let me know.

So now what?

I’ve attached my stealthy black webcam to the front of my car. The adhesive should be dry by tomorrow. Then, I will have to sell my Gateway laptop, my trusty steed of 3 years and get a smaller, lighter laptop I can install in my car. Yes, the plan is moving forward quite well…

Non sequitur

Here’s a funny site if you want to blow some time. Or if you want to avoid watching CNN broadcast hours of crappy webcam-quality video of empty desert scenery — just because they can.

It better be to the donut shop

About 5 minutes ago, I saw about 50 police cars in a single line heading north on McClurg Court with their sirens blaring and lights flashing. I’m going to guess that it was because the protests on Lake Shore Drive had ended. By the way, yes, I don’t like the fact that we’re at war, but why you gotta block my driveway? Idiots.

News junkie

Having spent 4 years studying and practicing journalism, I can’t help but think of what’s going on in the rest of the world every other minute. Am I entertained by this or just morbidly fascinated? What chemical need in our brains is satisfied when we watch the news? It’s a strange feeling.


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