Monthly Archives: February 2003

The dumb terminal

If you instruct two people to find a link on a page, the person who is controlling the computer takes longer to find that link than the person who is not at the computer. But as soon as you switch the people, whoever has the control of the PC will be lost and the situation is flipped. Any theories?

Trent Lott? He's aweful… make him just a Senator!

My sentiments exactly.

Time to go home

Whoa. It’s been a long few days. I can’t wait to go see my parents this weekend. I’m dreaming about work and I just want to get away for a few days. I’ve always had this problem of not being able to detach myself from the work I do. It’s not that my job defines who I am… there are many things I’d rather be doing than my job, but once I start on something, I get ferociously invested in it. I have to like what I do. I’ve never been able to grind it out through a crappy job like I see some of my friends do.

My daddy will pop a cap in yo' ass… really.

I am at a loss for words over the actions of this dumb moron.

Companies we love to hate, but can't wean off of:

From in reference to the Grammys: “In Rhode Island alone, 96 rock fans are dead, a Great White guitar player is dead, a local Providence rock DJ, who worked the overnight shift for nearly 20 years, is dead, and the band’s sound man was nearly burned alive. Meanwhile, the music industry pretends nothing happened, and hands out prizes without an ounce of public sympathy? The blunder only highlights how vast the canyon has become between the industry and its consumers, who apparently have become an afterthought.”

Why is it that when I think of tobacco companies and oil companies, I can’t help but add record companies to that list?

Direct from the land of miniature electronics… a Japanese cell phone!

This phone is so cool. However, I may need to press the keys with a stylus.

My terrorist doesn't talk much durring the commute.

Drivers like myself (who do 80 on the highway), drive SUVs or anyone who supports a war in Iraq need to suck it up and quit complaining about gas prices. Remember, when you ride alone, you ride with terrorists.

What's the use of going to college?

If you can ball, but pass on the pros, you are a fool. At least that’s what today’s conventional NBA wisdom says.

There are always bargains to be had.

I just picked up a $500 IKEA loveseat for $95 at a moving sale in my apartment. Not precisely what I wanted, but perfect matches cost a lot.

Also, I just added the photos from this year’s Autoshow and from the last day of 2002.

First half week is over

Whew. It’s been a tiring week. But I am excited in my new position. You’ve got to thank God for the opportunity.


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