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Aight, one last thing on the Title IX subject. Participation in sports by women have risen 5-fold since Title IX came into existence. The argument that women are less interested in sports than men is a short-sighted assumption based on the fact that women’s sports have suffered from cultural disdain. Title IX is merely giving a neglected majority (yes, there are more women than men) an opportunity to explore sports — which they have equal rights to as men, therefore equal funding.

Brookings Scholar Is Detained by INS ( Now we’re grabbing people off the street and tossing them in jail… what a sad state of affairs this is now. Imagine if this man did not have friends in high places.

So I get bored and think of stupid things I can do with my money. One latest idea is installing a full-fledged PC in my car. Why? I don’t know anyone who has done this.

From my favorite column (about football):


Jesus Said, “How Hard It Will Be for Those Who Have Wealth to Enter the Kingdom of God”

The gift shop of the new $190 million Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles sells a house chardonnay for $24.95 per bottle. The main doors of the Cathedral weigh 25,000 pounds each, while the altar “is made from a six-ton, thick slab of Turkish Rosso Laguna marble and was fabricated, cut, polished and shipped from Carrara, Italy. Because of its size, the altar had to be lowered 128 feet into the Cathedral by crane before the roof was installed.” The Cathedral’s conference center is “equipped with full catering services, can be utilized for business meetings, cocktail parties, wedding receptions, galas, and seminars. Guided Cathedral tours with lunch from the simple to the elaborate are also an option. Parking is convenient and easy, located directly under the Conference Center with weekday space for several hundred cars. Valet parking is available for evening or Saturday events.”


Cocktail parties? If I was a Catholic, I’d send my tithe elsewhere.

Terry Tate the office linebacker was, by far, my favorite Superbowl commercial.

If you think affirmative action is a good idea being used incorrectly try this Bush legislative idiosyncrasy.

Bush is considering ways to weaken Title IX, the law that bans sex discrimination in collegiate sports. Before we know it, I’ll be forced to sit at the back of the bus.

The University of Michigan (any many other schools’ affirmative action policies) are designed to counteract exactly this kind of favoratism. The kind that ends up eliminating estate taxes, curtailing our civil rights and giving tax cuts to the wealthy.

Okay all you guestbook writers! Tell me why and how affirmative action needs to be changed. Not just that you think it should.

This makes my blood boil. I feel the need to do something to protest the actions of the INS. I just don’t have the courage.


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