Monthly Archives: December 2002

What is wrong with these people at the INS? They jailed foreign students for not taking enough classes. How horrible can a government agency get before someone takes a stand?

This is the core of geek chic. I love the retro-look of this binary desk clock.

I know you got enough time to read this next week: RUMINATIONS @ Thanks to J. Ho.

I called my parents’ house several times today to find out that the number was disconnected! Where did they go? It just turned out that they moved about, oh, a year ago, and I never took the time to memorize their new number since I have a cell phone. Damn technology.

Xenophobia rules yet again. The more I read, the more I am convinced of this country’s racist attitudes — Lott included. Then, I read stuff like this (about a Brad Pitt ad in Malaysia) and I’m glad I am not living elsewhere.

It’s another rite of Chicago Winter… ultra-heated offices! It must be 80 degrees in here.

In a failed attempt to record TV shows digitally, instead of on video tape, I purchased Dazzle’s DVD Creation Station 200 ($199 retail). I must say, I am so thankful I bought it from Best Buy since the only meaningful thing I will be doing is returning it. The hardware is fine, but the video editing software is so buggy, I produced 1 very poor quality VCD and 1 very jittery S-VCD. Both of which are now in the trash. Not only is the software hard to use, the instructions are bare-bones and the software package comes in a 6-piece suite with no integration. Dispite the company claim of having a DVD encoder in the hardware you’ll have to render the entire video prior to burning it in any other format than DVD — which is a total waste of time. Ugh. I’ll have to figure out some other method.

Google, Froogle, Google, Froogle. So clever. Google’s world domination (the nice way) is still going on strong.

I have funny coworkers. If you see some white dude looking all gansta’ on my cam, it’s Dave. If you see some really tall white dude, it’s Blair. If you see some goofy-looking white dude, it’s Steve. Yup, it’s a bit monotone here. – Man sent home for wearing dress – Dec. 10, 2002 This is news? Heck at my work…nevermind.


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