What is wrong with these people at the INS? They jailed foreign students for not taking enough classes. How horrible can a government agency get before someone takes a stand? Continue reading

I called my parents’ house several times today to find out that the number was disconnected! Where did they go? It just turned out that they moved about, oh, a year ago, and I never took the time to memorize their new number since I have a cell phone. Damn technology. Continue reading

Xenophobia rules yet again. The more I read, the more I am convinced of this country’s racist attitudes — Lott included. Then, I read stuff like this (about a Brad Pitt ad in Malaysia) and I’m glad I am not living elsewhere. Continue reading

In a failed attempt to record TV shows digitally, instead of on video tape, I purchased Dazzle’s DVD Creation Station 200 ($199 retail). I must say, I am so thankful I bought it from Best Buy since the only meaningful thing I will be doing is returning it. The hardware is fine, but the video … Continue reading