Monthly Archives: November 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m cooking chicken — what a rebel.

I will add credit agencies to the list of my black-balled organizations. I believe that I have the right to view commercially complied information about me without having to pay for it — before something like this happens to my information.

The other three black-balled organizations are:

1) Spring PCS for idiotically suggesting that my cell phone needs routine maintenance ‘like a car needing an oil change’ when its Wireless Web system failed.

2) RIAA for raising CD prices by 67% without adding any value and using its monopolistic weight to litigate competitors to death.

3) Micron Computers for cashing my payments, then not crediting my account and charging me late fees. And repeating this grossly negligent process four times in 2 years.

For those of you in non-snowing conditions, I have temporarily turned my cam out on the world!

2002-1977=25, 5*5=25, 100/4=25, 24+1=25, 12.5*2=25, 50/2=25. Happy Birthday to me!

42″ Plasma TV for $3,000?

For some strange reason, I’ve been having a craving for Fillet-O-Fish lately. It used to be one of the cheapest items on McD’s menus, but no longer.

Meetings are like guns. You can use it to protect yourself, shoot yourself in the foot or make people stay in one place for a long time.

Finally, the Segway is available. Now, where did I leave that bag of money?

Revive your imagination here.

World’s fastest resignation: This morning, a new layout designer was hired for our department. 3 hours (including lunch) later, she resigned. I’ve heard of resigning after the first week, or a few days, but 3 hours? C’mon, we aren’t that bad of a bunch.


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