Monthly Archives: October 2002

Scary tidbit: Today, we were going to email a survey invitation to a bunch of customers. What’s the scary part you ask? When we got the list today, it contained 666 people!

GTA3 Vice City is out. Is there a more fun game than GTA3 in the world? I can’t wait to see how Vice City is, but I’ve got to get the moola from somewhere.

I am sad that the Giants lost the World Series. I would have loved to have seen Barry Bonds get a ring — also, I would love to have seen a very sad Rally Monkey.

The funniest political cartoon I’ve seen in a long time.

I spent more than an hour trying to put my first contact lenses in my eyes — unsuccessfully. Who the heck invented this? ‘Let’s stick this piece of plastic in my eye with salt water.’ I’ve never touched my eyes before and it’s frustrating the crap out of me.

A little rain and it took me an hour to get to work. Can someone please extend the L out to Woodfield Mall?

6:25… waaaay too early for me. I cannot say that I am a fan of Trans-Atlantic conference calls.

Looks like I’ve lost my premium cable. It’s been on for the last 5 months, for free, including HBO and Showtime. Now, all I can get is local channels. Bummer.

This game is maddeningly addictive. Thanks to Rich Wu. I’ve hit a sliver shy of 443. Arg.

Punch-Drunk Love was so unexpectedly funny and it was a very sweet movie. I think a couple of people in the audience came to see an Adam Sandler movie and started to laugh at just about everything, then settled down. It starts off slow, but I assure you, it’s worth the wait. I don’t want to give away any plot, but it’s a beautiful story.


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