I just figured out that I spend $800 a month on my car. That’s not including any repairs I may have to do. Do you know how an insanely large amount that is? It’s shocking how much city driving costs. Continue reading

Thank God for polical cartoonists. I can’t stand Ashcroft and his racism. Take a look at this just condemnation of the DOJ’s civil right violations. Continue reading

I just installed Warcraft 3 and started playing it. I can tell you that having the minimum required video RAM is not going to give you the best experience. Continue reading

I’m adding a section on food. Since I started cooking more in my studio I’m getting a deeper appreciation of what is a meal. So far, it doesn’t have much on the page, but I’ll start to add shortly. Continue reading

I think I found my new favorite hip-hop radio station today. It’s Radio Free Virgin’s New School channel. FYI, it’s uncensored. Continue reading

It starts today, technically. At noon, I will be at a park in Skokie, Illnois, getting ready for the first football game of the season. I will promise to abuse and overextend my body in an attempt to score touchdowns for whichever out of shape group of men I will be playing for. I cannot … Continue reading

I thought I was nutty with my lists, but this man takes it to an art form. Here’s a truth I found in this. Most of us, I do at least, think somehow that the clothes we wear and the things we buy make up a lot of who we are. After all, each object … Continue reading