Monthly Archives: August 2002

I just figured out that I spend $800 a month on my car. That’s not including any repairs I may have to do. Do you know how an insanely large amount that is? It’s shocking how much city driving costs.

Thank God for polical cartoonists. I can’t stand Ashcroft and his racism. Take a look at this just condemnation of the DOJ’s civil right violations.

I just installed Warcraft 3 and started playing it. I can tell you that having the minimum required video RAM is not going to give you the best experience.

I’m adding a section on food. Since I started cooking more in my studio I’m getting a deeper appreciation of what is a meal. So far, it doesn’t have much on the page, but I’ll start to add shortly.

I think I found my new favorite hip-hop radio station today. It’s Radio Free Virgin’s New School channel. FYI, it’s uncensored.

It starts today, technically. At noon, I will be at a park in Skokie, Illnois, getting ready for the first football game of the season. I will promise to abuse and overextend my body in an attempt to score touchdowns for whichever out of shape group of men I will be playing for. I cannot contain my enthusiasm. Also: Go 49ers!

I thought I was nutty with my lists, but this man takes it to an art form. Here’s a truth I found in this. Most of us, I do at least, think somehow that the clothes we wear and the things we buy make up a lot of who we are. After all, each object we gather is there because of some conscious or subconscious effort we’ve made, and therefore the collection of them must mean something about us. Looking at this man’s house means so little to me because he’s selectively unedited his items. If he had shown us a handful, a collection, then it may mean much more to us. In other words, we see what we want to see through other people’s things, and when you take the whole of it, it just seems so ordinary, just so much like us.

Fantasy football is ruining my life.

What shall it be? NFL 2K3 or Madden 2003?

Last night at my almost weekly ultimate frisbee game at UIC, I pulled my upper back muscle. I didn’t find out until this morning. It’s amazing to know how much you use certain muscles until you pull it.


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