Monthly Archives: July 2002

Get your hot New York photos now!

I had an amazing time in New York, seeing my niece for the first time and hanging with James Ho. It was strange because it felt so comfortable for me to be in New York. I’ve always imagined that I will end up in New York sooner or later.

My fellow business men… we all weep for thee.

Yup. New York it is this weekend and hopefully I’ll get to see my cousins.

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I’m hoping to be in NY this weekend if airfare works out to visit James Ho. Party on!

Working from home today. I am connected to work via a Windows 2000 Server terminal session. It basically means I have a second desktop in a screen on my PC that controls another PC at work. Basically, it’s like sitting at home but working on your work PC. Very cool.

Yup. It is a cold. Accompanied by all the nastiness that a cold brings. But as you can see, I am at work. Gotta save those sick days for when I really need it.

Cold hasn’t gotten worse, but still annoying. I just wish it would get it over with.

I think I am coming down with a cold. If I actually do get it, it would be my first in more than 2 years. I’ve had close calls, but they all ended up being allergies or they just went away. I don’t think this is an allergy. Only time will tell.


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