Monthly Archives: June 2002

Well played gentlemen. Well played. Thank you for a wonderful ride.

Apparently, the bad corporate names never end.

Liking what you do at work is one thing, but I am wondering what I should do at home. Maybe I should kill my TV. I’m one of those people who stare at the TV if it’s on, regardless of what’s on. It’s not like I’m good at TV watching, like those people who remember all the names of the stars or spit out names of obscure shows and remember plotlines. I am just entertained. It must have been a good baby sitter for me when I was a child.

Korea 0 – Germany 1. But I am a happy man. It was a well played game with respectable outcomes. Watching the game, it seemed that Germany was the first team during the finals to realize that they needed to respect the speed and tenacity and they were rewarded. I’ll be rooting for them in The Cup.

Man, I got myself worked up over the weekend for about 20 minutes and got into a little argument with some rude guy near Fil’s place. No one messes with my friends.


I have food poisoning. This sucks, but at least I know that there is an end in sight.

I got to work at 6:30 am today, worked an 11 hour workday and got our butts handed to us in softball. I am so tired but I am also disappointed that I have nothing more to do a home than watch TV. I need a hobby.

Ugh. Soooooooooooooooooooo early.

Olé olé olé olé, olé olé! Olé olé olé olé, olé olé!


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