I just thought of something:I believe that the ability to be funny is good, but the ability to see the humor in things is even better. Continue reading

I read yesterday that Steelcase, the furniture company, was working on a cubicle system with “stop lights.” so you can announce whether you are busy, taking visitors, etc. Kinda cool. Continue reading

I have had the best meal of the year at Park Avenue Cafe over the weekend. It’s in the Double Tree hotel off Michigan and Emily’s parents took us out to brunch on the day after Eddie Wu’s graduation from Med School. It was a cross between tapas, dim sum and all you can eat. … Continue reading

I’ve been using AtomZ to supply the search to my site. Of course, no one really uses it, but AtomZ has improved their engine and it looks like as my site grows, I hope it works. Continue reading

Okay, just about to head out. I have to stop by Ikea to replace my kitchen rug that is too long, like it reaches out into the hallway long. The “pad” is turning out nicely, I wish I had an Internet connection, but since I don’t even have a phone line (and I don’t plan … Continue reading