Monthly Archives: April 2002

Okay, so it turned out that I didn’t go to training. Some other time. I’ll just ACT like I know what I’m talking about, which is the norm.

Also, the webcam driver doesn’t work yet. So you’ll just see the top left corner of my desktop for a few more days.

I’m getting some technical training right after lunch. Must stay awake.

Time flies when you’re working hard. I went to the Willow Creek small group at Ann Sather’s yesterday. It was somewhat surprising to me to experience questions from people who are seeking Christ. I think I’ve been insulated too long.

I think the closer someone is to your heart, it makes it harder to talk about that person. I guess that’s why I’ve not written much about Emily.

I should make sure to keep my Monday mornings a bit freer. I forgot how many e-mails and messages pile up on Monday mornings. This is the first reprieve I’ve had all day.

At the risk of making all Korean men look like fools, here’s a funny flash item.

Boy. What a beautiful Friday. Some strange lease-related issues have come up and I’ll fill you in when I have more time. I am just thankful that God has given me a good place to work.

Oh, I just joined a health club. I am spending money like water. Speaking of water, I went swimming for the first time in years and it was very relaxing. I must go again soon.

I am now a pro. A Blogger Pro. Happy now Young Luke?

Parking downtown for 45 minutes: $12

Cost of car mileage to and from downtown: $1.8

Cost of bond: $200

Court cost deducted from bond: $20

Cost of ticket: $75

Total refund of bond that will arrive in “20 business days”: $105

Cost of drink from JambaJuice because it was so close to the parking lot: $4.24

Minutes late to work: 30


Having to get up more than an hour earlier than I normally whould because I had to go to traffic court: priceless.


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