I accepted my job offer with InstallShield in Schaumberg as an “eMarketing Specialist” on Friday. I thank God that he has provided this opportunity, I will do my best to make the most of it. Continue reading

I am posting the Warthog Jump file on my site (26MB). Also, I went to the driving range with Courtney Fong and my forearms are sore. That’s kinda weird cause you feel it at the oddest times. Courtney and I are thinking about going to a 9-hole par 3 course. That’ll be the first time … Continue reading

Amidst all my reformatting and reinstallation of Windows, I lost my personal files. All of them. Fortunately, I was able to retain all the e-mails, but lost my financial, Web site and other information. I have been trying to recover it for the last 3 hours, but no deal. Big bummer. Continue reading

Here’s a good video clip guaranteed to bring down a server. It’s called the “Warthog Jump” as in the vehicle from the famed Xbox game. Link courtesy of Emmett Tomai. Please note the credit to Mac’s iMovie. Power to the people. Continue reading

I checked on which search engine words sent the most people to this site. Surprisingly, they are “Sophie Hawkins”, “Media Player”, and “Nicole Nordman.” Nuts. If you want to know why, click on music. Continue reading

I got my subwoofer fixed (for $3.50) a few days ago and I am so sorry that I let that lapse for so long. It sounds so much better, it’s certainly adds a new dimention to music. Continue reading

I just watched Ice Age and it was a good movie. I think Monsters, Inc. is still atop the list of my favorites but Ice Age had some good scenes, especially the one with the sabertooth squirrel. Continue reading