Monthly Archives: January 2002

Life is looking up as I seek a new job. I’ve always believed that and ending certainly means a beginning and I am hopeful for this beginning. I don’t quite know where I will head, but I am looking at the following options: Finance (analyst), start-up (well rounded utility man) and venture capital (analyst).

I had an infuriating discussion at Starbucks this morning with my employer. I thought it was going to be somewhat pleasant and constructive since I knew that he had to have noticed me working hard on the last sales effort. I felt as if I was waiting on him hand and foot for the last several days, putting everything aside and working until my head was about to explode. Except at Startbucks he said that he wasn’t happy because saw me goofing off and browsing Web pages for 3 hours yesterday. I think that did it. The sheer hypocracy and insulting nature of that comment was off the charts. I’ve never been told that I am a slacker, if anything I am the guy who finishes his tasks before anyone else does and asks for more. He probably saw me checking out ideas from other Internet radio stations and assumed that I was goofing off. I found his comments more ironic since he has the tendancy to get unfocused and go off the topic like someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. If only I would have tallied up the time he’s wasted going off topic… I think through all our arguments, he’s come to villify me, so I don’t think anything I do will look good. But getting back to the real point of this morning, we’ve decided to wind down my involvement in his company, afterall, it’s his firm and it’s his choice. I just don’t want to be a part of it. So I hope that we can come to an amicable decision.

I fell asleep at 11pm last night and it feels good waking up this morning. Still a little shocked to find myself up before the sun, but it wasn’t the harrowing mind battle like yesterday. I just wonder how long I can keep this up for… when my lazy butt will catch up with me. Also, I am eating breakfast! I think this is the first time I’ve eaten breakfast in three years. It’s just a cup of yogurt but it’s a start.

It certainly feels like crack of dawn when I got up at 6:45 this morning. I could feel the lazy-Ben wrestling with the responsible-Ben in my brain. There wasn’t even sunlight out when I woke up. It’s nice being up early, except that I don’t know how to get to bed early. Discipline. Oh yeah.

It’s been non-stop selling at work. I’m not working the phones, but putting the product together. It’s amazing to see how people organize information. We’re passing data to three people to make this work and it feels like a circus highwire act.

I’ve also decided to delay working on the elegible bachelor’s section. I have something more interesting right now and I think that may get two birds with one stone. Maybe even three.

Someone suggested that I post an eligible bachelor’s section. This could get interesting.

Had a good laugh last night while I was watching a tape of my parents dog. He’s no longer than a foot, barks like a sqeaky toy and runs like a he’s on speed… Toy poodles. The funniest part is that my parents, who are usually very neat, now have dog toys all over the house. That dog is so spoiled. Just like I was, or am. He’s even got a furby.

Works been aweful. Stressful and filled with strife. Maybe it’s time to move on.

Go Eagles! Thank you for avenging the loss of the Niners.

I updated the Lifespan Wallpaper I talked about yesterday to include some relative line graphs. I’ve added a link to a page for it. If you’re interested in one for your own desktop, let me know. Check it out in the new “download” page.


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