Monthly Archives: December 2001

I got the greatest Christmas gift ever. Emily bought me an Astroboy t-shirt off of ebay. It’s so cool. Well, not really “cool” per se, but I like it. If you need to know the relevance of Astro/Atomboy, read the Tuesday, September 18 post.

My headaches and nausea continue. But at a certain point, when your back’s against the wall and you cannot see a way out, you have to start fighting it without rationale. Because the only thing you can do is try.

Feeling much better today. Thanks for your concerns. Now, it’s just my gargantuan wisdom teeth (all four of them) breaking through my gums that’s hurting me. I wonder if I was acutally made in China, I’m falling apart way too soon.

The headaches have subsidede to dizziness which has turned into nausea. So don’t make any sudden moves. I’m scheduled for a CAT scan sometime this week to find out more.

I’ve been suffering from headaches again. This time really really bad. The kind that keeps you from sleeping. I just hope that it’s not something serious. FYI, I’ve been at home for the last couple of days.

My parents got a 8-week-old boy chocolate toy poodle for $600. I am very happy for them and I can’t wait to see him. He’s adorable and my parents seemed like they had a good time searching for a dog. They’re calling him Dori. He’s even got American Kennel Club papers, more pedigree than my whole family combined. Coincidentally, my parents withdrew their offer to pay for my Christmas ticket home. Funny how that works, heh.

I work about 50 feet from a Starbucks and I get a venti iced chai latte with soy on a daily basis. It’s a comforting thing. However, a mystery to me is that the after-tax price of my venti iced chai latte with soy changes on a daily basis. Example, on Wednesday, the drink cost me $4.20. Yesterday? $4.17. What was it today, you ask? $4.13. Is this disinflation where the efficiency of making my drink is driving down the price? Is Starbucks basing the price on market fluctuations? One co-worker suggested that the fall of Taliban has caused the dumping of Indian tea into the marketplace. Possible, but not plausible. Perhaps you can offer me a suggestion.

Wow. I feel like I’ve been under intense pressure at work during the last few days. We just moved our media server and we can’t get people behind certain firewalls to connect. There’s nothing worse than knowing that you’re losing customers.

I’ve been looking for a dog for my parents. My mother wants a toy poodle. I don’t know if I want a toy poodle in my family. I guess I’m just surprised that my mother is a “toy poodle” type of person.

I’ve been suffering through some headaches lately. The kind that makes you feel like your head is in a vise. I am hoping that a regular diet and sleeping pattern will make it go away.


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