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Okay, this is getting on my nerves. Let me explain. I have an electric toothbrush, nevermind what that says about my laziness, but it was plugged in before I left for Thanksgiving. When I returned, I found it unplugged and broken. Broken. Sucks.

benhuh!com exclusive
I just got confirmation and authorization to publish from Michael Lee (my roommate) that he is dating Anna Han. That’s right folks, so please stop asking me questions about those two. Congrats Mike and Anna. If you don’t know who Anna is, she’s the 22-year-old Pharmacy major at UIC, sister to Hope and Becky. If you don’t know Mike, well, he’s the old guy.

Sorry about the delay on the exclusive news. I have not been able to get a final confirmation from the source. On the home front, I am backwards-booty tired from the red-eye flight. Looking for a bit of rest today. Also, our offices moved (again) so I’ll have to figure out how to find cheap parking in the middle of River North. Wish me luck.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m in Sacramento right now, enjoying the warmer weather. I just checked out the construction of my parents’ new house and I am very very happy for them. I realized that it took them 45 years to buy their first home. I can be more patient.

I will have exclusive news on this site this Saturday. It will probably have little relevance on our daily lives, but the fact is that it’ll be exclusive on benhuh!com.

This is most likely our work’s last week in our current cool loft space. This is my last day before Thanksgiving vacation. I’ll be headed to California for some snowboarding. How ironic. Emily and I will be visiting our respective parents and perhaps we’ll get to meet each other’s. How much meaning is there in meeting a significant other’s parents? Oh, and if my plane falls out of the sky, so be it.

I’m not the one to be all cheese over Christmas music, but our work just put up a good channel. Dispite the warm weather (which I enjoy tremendously) it’s helping me be in the mood. Check it out!

Just had a working lunch at the always excellent Bongo Room. It’s an upscale cafe meets breakfast diner joint that’s always crowded because it’s in Wicker Park, arguably the hippest neighborhood in Chicago. Bring an appetite because these portions will put your Texan uncle to shame. I’m still burping eggs, salsa and banana pancakes two hours after my meal. The best part of this restaurant is that it has three of the coolest ceiling fans this side of 1955.

I am fighting depression. I am fighting the lack of desire, the chaos and the sleepiness. I am not exactly sure what is causing this. It could be my mother’s cancer, the lack of purpose at my work or my financial situation, but I am fighting it. I am combating the lack of desire with will power, the chaos with organization and the sleepiness with prayer. I want to do more, I want to wake up in the morning with drive, reason and purpose. I want to live every day. I ask God for his blessing.

Woo hoo. I tweaked my site. Again. It seems that I’d rather tweak the design rather than write something original. But you can always express yourself in non-literally. Take a look at my “mood” calendar. The legend is at the bottom of the page.


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