Monthly Archives: October 2001

I’ll be going as a Secret Service agent to Bethel’s Fall Festival today. That’s why I’m wearing a suit.

This is pretty cool. I am writing this blog via instant messenger like a telnet terminal. If you’re a geek, you’ll understand.

I got the tow and the ticket overturned at court on Friday. I just saved myself $165, minus the hassle of having to go in the first place. It was quite sad to see that most people there were being rejected since they didn’t present any evidence to support their case. They walked away from the experience believing that the system was unfair and not a bit better off.

I am headed to traffic court today to contest a tow and parking ticket. I want my $165 back. I am armed with digital prints, maps, a sportcoat and determination. I just hope that the cop doesn’t show up.

AccuRadio had more than 100 listeners today. Thank you.

It’s very interesting how many fliers you need to get 5 people to listen to your radio station. Then all of a sudden you get 5 people out of the blue who found your site through so and so’s blurb on some site you’ve never even heard of. Marketing is a strange art.

I’m working from home today, so sorry about the lack of a Web cam. And no, I will not put one in my room.

Thanks for stopping by my work. I’ve noticed that many of you guys have clicked through that link. I’ve had to take a couple of days off work, so I am sorry for the lack of updates. So far, we’re up to 24 people listening at the peak. 226 to go.

So, it seems that I have been appointed on a project. It seems that my slacking days are over. Check it out: My goal is to have 250 people listening by Thanksgiving. Why don’t you listen so I can keep my job? Also, I’m trying to add a Christian contemporary station to the site. I can use your suggestions.

Ta da! I think this is better. I think. Send me a suggestion if you think otherwise. There’s still some cleaning up to do. Now that I have removed the right hand menu and moved it to the top, there’s a blank column on virtually every page.


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