DSL is back in my life thanks to some hard work by Leo. It’s very nice being able to sit on my bed and write this blog. Ah, the little geeky pleasures. Continue reading

    I ran into a freak this morning. As I was parking my car on the street near my work, I noticed that a guy in a silver Intrepid was staring at me from the other side of the street. I realized that he wanted the spot but I had beat him to it. … Continue reading

I’ve been taking a more serious look at the card store. If nothing, it’ll be a nice Christmas gift to my friends and family. If it’s something more, it’ll be a hobby. Continue reading

I am alarmed by the nationalist tones in which George W. is speaking and most of this country is taking on. Zealotry and ignorace is rising in our faces under the mask of patriotism. People are enamored by the firepower of nationalism, but they fail to understand the duties of being true to our union. … Continue reading

I am bored… I have no idea what more to do on benhuh!com. Other than a messageboard/chat room for the other bored people, I am not sure what other cool stuff (or geeky from your P.O.V.) I can do. I’m taking suggestions. Continue reading

I had a dream last night that I had a chance to share my faith with someone. They were curious, thirsty about God and they wanted me to tell them how their life will change. The dream contained no anxiety, no fear of rejection but contained love and laughter. I felt how it would be … Continue reading

I have found Atom Boy. My long lost soul brother, older brother, my “hyoung,” my hero. He is available on ebay for less than $20.00 and $4.50 S&H. If you don’t know who he is, you cannot understand me. He is my childhood. He is just, he is mighty, yet small and has a cute … Continue reading