Monthly Archives: August 2001

If immitation is the sincerest flattery, I don’t know what this is. Take a look:

I’ve been slacking in my quiet times for the last week. I usually schedule it as the last thing on my list and I am always too tired to do it. But I know that I usually wake up too late in the morning to do it as well. Gotta find a solution.
On another note. I’ve been very much encourage by other people’s small actions. I was hanging out with Fil yesterday at his office with a couple of other people, and I remembered that he carried a bible with him. To and from work so that he can keep up with his Bible run schedule. That seems very admirable to me. It’s his proclaimation as a Christian as well as his a practical way to keep up with his commitments.

I’ve kept this pretty much in the dark, since I opened my mouth last time and had the offer withdrawn, but I have been going through the interviews for an analyst position at New World Ventures. Today, I learned that I did not get the job. I had put a lot of effort and energy into this, but it seems that God’s plan leads me elsewhere. I believe that I will accept a permenant position with my consulting gig at Coherent Design, the Internet radio industry company, if they offer me one.

Whoa. I almost lost all my blogs. Foolish me. On more important note. Bethel had the dedication service for our new building. It was quite moving in the hard earned reward kind of way. But I didn’t help and I can’t take credit for any of it. I doubted the fact that we would get the building and I was pretty satisfied at the Niles Recreation Center. Foolish me.

I will buy Madden 2002. Soon. Just because it has 3-D rendered cheerleaders on the sideline. It’s not that I want to see the cheerleaders, but if they can spend so much time on such an insignificant aspect of the game, they must have taken care of the important stuff. God bless America.

I am in love with Jamie Buckman. It’s the way she pushes her husband’s buttons, the way she understands his thoughts before they are formed. That’s who I want to marry. For years, Mad About You has been my favorite show and this why. She’s the one. I want to say this before I forget. Because the moment before I fall asleep, I do my best thinking. I write brilliant paragraphs of pure genius and write prose that are worth immitating, but as soon as my feet touch the carpet on my floor, they’re gone. If you want to know whom I love, watch her. Find her for me.

My roommate’s car got stolen and was set on fire. Then the guys who probably did the job sold him back his stuff from the car. Idiots. It’s a sad testament to what fools we people are. I just hope that God can use this event for something positive in Leo’s life.

On a much less important note. I’ve been getting uncomfortable knots on my upper back. I can’t seem to make my back feel straight. Hopefully, the new Herman Miller Aeron chairs will help with that.

I have written my prayer. I think it covers what I want to say for today. I hope to keep updating it as my life changes and hopefully grows.

I always felt that I was lazy. I like waking up late, I never keep in touch with my friends, I wait until the last minute. Is it possible to change yourself in just a few weeks?

Now that I am working it is most definately more difficult to do my quiet time. I must press on.

The last day at the Vacation Bible School was a blessing, as I caught the end of the video presentation, I felt so rewarded by the honesty the children showed in their actions and how I must look like a child before God.


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