Monthly Archives: July 2001

Hurrah. I will be accepting a new job on Monday, tomorrow. I believe that this is the place that God has brought me to, and I hope that I can make an easy transition from sitting on my duff to working it off.

Two close frisbee games at the championship last night, both of which we lost. I think that will be my last real game since I now have a job offer and I can’t afford to stay out that late on weekdays.

I’ve also had a little guest. I am dog-sitting for a friend and it’s been great having someone around the house. Someone so trusting. He just follows you around, as if you’re a bag of bacon.

God does the strangest things. It’s probably just that I can’t understand where he is taking me and I sometimes get this sense that I keep misunderstanding him because the end result of what I thought he asked me to do is not what I expected.

I saw An American in Paris last night at Grant Park. I love this town. But I also lost my cell phone. But our ultimate frisbee team won the second match to tie the championship series at 1-1. The big showdown will be next Tuesday. It was a moderately good day. Kinda like frozen sea food. Never good as the fresh, but better than spoiled.

I have been getting up earlier. read: 6:30 am I am glad that this is actually possible for me. I had wondered if I was genetically doomed to sleep in. And I have been somewhat dilligent in my job search. I keep praying.

I studied the bible for the first time in a long while this morning. In my long hours of nothing, I have continued to neglect the reason for why I am here. I hope that this is a continuation of my leaf turning.

I’ve always felt that I have lacked discipline in my life. When I was younger, my father had threatened to send me to Korea so I would have to serve in the military. That would make you disciplined. He’d say when I was lazy or when I was stubborn. Perhaps that might have been good for me. I am constantly amazed at my inability to act and my ability to sleep in. It’s appalling when I think about how much time I have spent doing nothing but indulging in my whims. I sometimes feel that there really isn’t anything left to do. That I am really stuck in this situation. I know there is more to do. I just need to get out of this funk.

Went jogging about 30 mins ago. Felt good. Like listening to the sound of a rusty engine coming alive, still sounds aweful, but at least it works. Perhaps I am turning over a new leaf. Just not sure how long I will be turned over but I am happy with any kind of turning for now.

The job opportunities may be increasing. However, I am pitifully aware of my lack of commitment into any career path.

It’s good to be back in Chicago. I’ve written a little something regarding my family’s most recent tribulations. I’ll be up soon. I’ve been bingeing on reading on my journey and back. I have read Millionaire by Janet Gleeson. It’s the story of John Law, the gambler who implemented the modern finance system in France. The other book is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. It’s a fictional beautifully touching story of a well-known geisha before WWII. I am currently a quarter way through The Giant’s House by Elizabeth McCracken.

I think I am coming down with a cold. I am working on the financials for my dad’s business and his business is looking good. I think that I will help him in Sacramento for a few months if I don’t get the job with Rocket Bridge. I don’t know what I will do about the apartment situation and how Mike will feel about it. But I think I found him a good dating potential in Chicago, so I think that will appease him. I guess this will be more incentive for Leo to move home as well.

Whoa. My pops has broadband and a firewall. What a brave new world. I am finally in Sacto, deprived of much sleep, mulling a three-month stay to help my parents (and possbily myself).


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