Back in Chicago. Will be in Sacramento next week. Ahh, the whirlwind life of a jetsetter. I am beginning to run out of cash. Clients are late on their payments and the bills are beginning to pile on. If I had personal savings, I could float the company bills on my dime, but those days … Continue reading

I can see the road before me. I have been walking in the dark, feeling my way between rocks and gutters, and now a bright moon hides the shadows that covered my eyes. If I wanted to, I could drive to Canada — and come back. My life is no longer in limbo. It’s not … Continue reading

Tonight, I am in Portland, Oregon, enjoying the company of dear friends. Tonight, I have learned that justice will do as promised. Tonight, I am free as I ever wanted to be. I am free to be equal. I am free to be able to raise my immigrant head to see the heavy hand of … Continue reading

I put it my first serious resume today and I am still contemplating a career in architecture. I hope my food supply doesn’t run out before I find a job. Continue reading